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It's election day!! (tomorrow)

Don't forget to vote, folks!

5 Things...

That are more prevalent on the East Coast than in California....

5. People speaking Portuguese/Cape Verdean:There are lot of people from Cape Verde and Brazil in Boston. I hear it way more than Spanish. It's cool, but weird. People love it when I walk around in my Brazil shirt

4. Healthy Fast Food: They all have semi-clever semi-unflattering names. Knowfat is a big one. Who would want to go to a place called "Knowfat"? 

3. Donut Shops (Dunkin' Donuts, primarily): These are seriously everywhere, there are always cops inside of them

2. Ralph Lauren Clothing: This is probably because I've been hanging out at the Harvard Business School gym a lot. Probably.

1. People lying while they talk on their cell phone: Every time I'm waiting for an Orange Line at Downtown Crossing someone on a blackberry is telling some coworker he's about to go into a meeting. One day I'll call one of them out..

I tried snowboarding for the first time in my life in a small ski area just outside of Quebec City, QC. We went at night. When we got there it was -25 degrees Celsius. This is -13F. Here's some advice about snowboarding in this extreme cold...

Alex Eats... Poutine

Poutine: The gnarliest food ever.

List #1: Life in Quebec

I discussed this with some Quebecois and they agree... Life in Quebec comes down to these five things...

1. Ice/Cold (Ice Hockey is on the C$5 bill)
2. Celine Dion ("Even if you don't like her you have to be proud of what she's accomplished" says one Quebecois)
3. Poutine (Future Alex Eats... Entry, Waaay gnarlier than Atomic Fries)
4. Maple Syrup (They can do anything with it! They love Maple Syrup to an embarrassing degree)
5. Cirque Du Soleil (I visited their world hq in Montreal, it was huge, and it's Vegas' #2 act... behind Celine)

Quebec Story #1: How I landed an airplane

On Saturday night I flew and landed an airplane at an airport just south of Montreal.

Washington, DC: The Museums

On a recent business trip to Hanover, PA (Visitng the Emeco Chair Factory... Hi Dan!) I had a weekend-long layover in Washington, DC. One of the best things about DC is the long list museums run by the smithsonian and open to the public for free. I visited a few and am going to write about them. 


Alex Eats...

Atomic Fries from Cabelia's Restaurant, Hanover, PA.


Local Fun: The Landfill

The Landfill in Albany, a playground for giants.


Day Tripping to Bolivia

This entry is a travel story from my trip to Brazil in June 2007. This story is about taking a road trip through the Amazon Rain Forest to get to Bolivia. There's a whole lot more...